Keyboard commands:
Turn the Up face clockwise (type SHIFT-U to move counter-clockwise).
Turn the Down face.
Turn the Left face.
Turn the Right face.
Turn the Front face.
Turn the Back face.
   Turn the inner Slices.
   Re-orient the cube around one of the axes.
Use the mouse to spin the cube around.
Flip the cube upside-down.
Scramble the cube.
Solve the cube (Singmaster).

Speed Control:
Current Permutation:


The solution on this page is from Note's on Rubik's Magic Cube by David Singmaster. I have a copy of this book from 1981 (US Edition). The solution is not the most efficient known, taking over 100 face turns to solve a cube on average. With the animation on this page set to Fastest it still takes about 15 seconds to solve a randomized cube. Note that world-class speed cubers can solve a cube by hand in under 20 seconds!

You'll note that the solution used here procedes in layers:

  • First the top layer is solved.
  • The cube is flipped over, then the the middle layer is solved.
  • Finally the Down (now Up) layer is solved.


Rubik's Cube Solution Excellent site by Lars Petrus with animated cube solutions and SPEED-CUBING hints and videos!
2003 Rubik's Cube Championships World championship competition in speed cubing and other Rubik's Cube related events. August 23, 2003 in Toronto. Official Rubik's Cube web site.

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