Mvc-027f.jpg (49900 bytes) Monday was a national holiday (day after Easter).  We spent almost 2 hours waiting the line to get into the Ufizzi national gallery (one of the few museums open on holidays).  It was also much colder than we anticipated.  We have only sweaters or a thin jacket, so we're all wearing a couple of shirts underneath to try and stay warm.
Mvc-025f.jpg (43473 bytes) Chris is getting really bored in line so we go back to the room and bring back the game boy for him to play with while we're in line.  About this time it starts to hail (but we're under a covered arcade).
Mvc-026f.jpg (49586 bytes) Chris whiles away another half an hour playing tug of war with this dog.   A couple of other boys join in with him later.
Mvc-002f.jpg (34812 bytes) The galleries are amazing.  All the art comes from the Medici collection (as does most of the art in Florence, it seems).  The collection extends from ancient statuary, to 15th century masterpieces.  This detail is from an Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci.
Mvc-004f.jpg (52121 bytes) The galleries are all on one floor, wrapped around the 3rd floor of this U-shaped building.  This pictures faces north from the bottom of the U.  You can see the Pallazo Vechio tower and the Duomo dome in the background.  The Piazza Signoria (with the copy of David) lies just to the north of the Uffizzi.