Mvc-005f.jpg (55974 bytes) Thursday morning.  We have "breakfast" at a cafe off of the Piazza della Signoria.  Chris woke up on the wrong side of the bed, as you can see.  Here he's eating a cup of mixed fruit for his breakfast.
Mvc-007f.jpg (80326 bytes) Outside the Duomo on a crowded day in Florence.
Mvc-008f.jpg (61423 bytes) The horses take a break from pulling tourists around to have lunch.
Mvc-012f.jpg (50770 bytes) We take in the Museo di Storia della Scienza to see the historical scientific artifacts (including Galileo's finger in a jar in addition to his first telescope).
Mvc-015f.jpg (36897 bytes) This sundial will fire a salute at noon!
Mvc-019f.jpg (48422 bytes) We discover Vivoli's - the world's best gelato (ice cream) is served here.  From now on, we have gelato three times each day until we leave Italy.
Mvc-018f.jpg (35105 bytes) Chris is a fan!
Mvc-021f.jpg (34537 bytes) Next stop - the Accademia.  David is the big draw here.  He's bigger than we thought - about 15 feet high, I think.
Mvc-024f.jpg (76381 bytes) We turned the corner into a small square and find - a merry-go-round.   Chris takes a ride for L 2,000 ($1.50).
Mvc-012f.jpg (40397 bytes) On Thursday, we start with the Bargello.  Chris loves the medieval armor and weapons.
Mvc-014f.jpg (33545 bytes) Mvc-017f.jpg (40489 bytes)
Mvc-018f.jpg (55830 bytes) From the courtyard of the Bargello.  I guess this fellow was cannon-ized!
Mvc-021f.jpg (30819 bytes) "Sculpture" - from the Museo dell Opera del Duomo.
Mvc-023f.jpg (58903 bytes) Also taken from the Duomo  - you can imagine 15th century Italians looking up to see marble children running around this suspended arcade.
Mvc-026f.jpg (52442 bytes) I climbed Giotto's Tower to get this panoramic view of Florence.   Here, Santa Croce.
Mvc-004f.jpg (37800 bytes) The observation deck above the dome of the Duomo.
Mvc-007f.jpg (79589 bytes) Piazza della Repubblica.
Mvc-001f.jpg (93674 bytes) In the afternoon, we tour the Palazzo Pitti, visiting the Palatine Gallery and then walking the Boboli Gardens.
Mvc-003f.jpg (79881 bytes) Mvc-006f.jpg (58190 bytes)