Mvc-011f.jpg (59959 bytes) We take the Pendolino (fast train) back to Rome.  Time to see the Vatican Museum.  The wait in line was about 45 minutes - though it looked like about 3 hours when we arrived.
Mvc-016f.jpg (54423 bytes) I have no idea what this is - we could see this from an open window into the courtyard, but never walked by it.
Mvc-017f.jpg (46933 bytes) Mvc-018f.jpg (39044 bytes)
Mvc-019f.jpg (76676 bytes) The hall of maps.
Mvc-021f.jpg (47695 bytes) The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  While the ceiling is great, the room itself is small.  Just a "little box" really - especially when you compare to the size and scale of St. Peter's Basilica nearby.
Mvc-024f.jpg (40587 bytes) Michelangelo's Pieta in St. Peter's.  His work on this (at age 24) is beautifully described in The Agony and the Ecstasy (from which I read sections when I could not sleep at night).
Mvc-025f.jpg (59229 bytes) There must be some two dozen niches like this in St. Peter's.  Each with a 20 foot high statue of a pope.  The scale is one of the most awesome things I've seen on the trip.
Mvc-004f.jpg (64287 bytes) We scale dome of St Peter's for a view of Rome and the gardens in Vatican City.
Mvc-008f.jpg (78641 bytes) St. Peter's Square.
Mvc-009f.jpg (38144 bytes) The descent.  As you reach the cupola, the stairway walls slope toward the center of the dome; you have to lean against the wall while stair climbing.
Mvc-011f.jpg (47742 bytes) A tiny little car we pass as we look for a place to eat dinner.
Mvc-013f.jpg (55473 bytes) The Trevi fountain at night.  The stone is carved to simulate an outcropping of rock teaming with animals (and gods) right in the middle of the city.
Mvc-014f.jpg (36519 bytes) Bright and early, the next day, we fly over the Arctic back home.   Great trip!