LOGO Programming

- an introduction to Logo by Mike Koss 

In the fall of 1995 I started teaching my son's second grade class how to program using the LOGO programming language. Logo is wonderful because for very little work you can get some great graphical feedback. One of the themes of my class has been demonstrating that some seemingly complex things are in reality created by very simple processes.

We use MSW Logo implemented by George Mills. This version of LOGO is easy to install and runs on Windows 3.1 (there is also a 32 bit version available for Win95 and NT). There are some quirks in this implementation (like having to quote variable names with a semicolon to use their value) but the kids have had good luck using it for the small programs they're writing.

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Logo Lessons

I prepared a number of hand-out materials and work sheets when we started the class.

Logo Facts

Using the Repeat Command

Making your own Words

Music and Random Numbers

Fun Programs

March 31, 2001

If you've enjoyed learning to program in Logo and want to learn more about programming, I'd also highly recommend that you learn JavaScript.  JavaScript is a programming language widely used to develop programs that can run right in your web browser.  The language syntax is based on the "C" programming language, but is much easier to use.  For the more advanced student, I've posted a collection of some of my JavaScript programs.  See, also my paper on Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript.

I would also recommend some of my favorite books on Programming.

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