started it’s life on the internet since at least 1999 looking like this: in 1999

I even had a way of sending SMS messages to my pager-watch along with my old cell phone number on the internet for all to see. This page was all hand-crafted by me; it may not have even had any css in it for all I can tell. Just some align=left, h1, <i> tags, etc. I think I may have used FrontPage to create it intially.

Several years ago, I got fed up with my web host, and I just let fade into the Wayback Machine. It was a shame, as it was getting several thousands of reads per day - so someone was getting some out of some of the content.

I’ve been meaning to resurrect using a more modern design (or at least some design). A few times I played with Jekyll as a static site generator - but I really don’t like the tool chain that depends on Ruby; a language I never much cared for with some obscure (to me) package installation mechanisms.

So now, in 2021, I am trying Hugo - a static site generator written in Go. Go is a language I actually like, and besides, Go compiles to native binaries and so there are no 3rd party packages to have to install. A Go program is self-contained (as desktop software should be). I started with a site theme based on Hugo Cards, but I’ve modified it extensively to optimize it for my use.

Out of nostalgia, here are some more milestones in the history of in 2000

I started blogging about stuff that kept me busy after leaving Microsoft (travel, flying, skiing). And the Big Seattle Earthquake of 2001 was big news. in 2002

I finally updated the heading to use some images, and thumbnails for the different projects I posted about. Definitely getting a little away from the 1999 look. in 2003

Except for adding a few more projects (and promoting my new hobby of wake-surfing to the header image),’s final appearance looked much the same up through 2015. Note the now-defunct flash player to embed a YouTube video for our failed social-bookmarking startup. in 2015

Now that I have a more modern static web site generator to update this blog, I’m hopefull that I can resurrect some of the old content that may still be of interest and imported it into Hugo.